Topic outline

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Who is the Total Performer part 1

    Why do we talk about the “Total Performer”? In part 1 we will explore the concept of performance and why it is a focus on this approach to development. 

  • Who is the Total Performer part 2

    In the previous section we looked at why it is important to focus on performance. Now we explore the "Total" in "Total Performer." Our performance is the sum of many difference aspects of ourselves. We can look at the individual parts of a performance but understanding the interactions of all these aspects can help us develop as whole people that offer the best in whatever context we find ourselves. 

  • The Total Performer Model

    The Total Performer Model uses a systems model to define competency "vectors" and spheres of awareness. 

    Total Performer Model

  • How We Grow

    Understanding that the goal of developing the total performer is the start. Understanding the dynamics of growth will help us be more intentional in creating and implementing plans that grow us toward applying our whole self to our performance leading to more consistent and spectacular results.